Role-model School Awarded to IEC

2017-05-06 00:12:30

Kaifeng, 5 May, 2017 - A special Pep Rally for National Role-model University and Establishing National Role-model City was held at the conference hall of Office Building on Jinming campus.

Lou Yuangong, HENU President and lead of role-model establishment, Zhang Baoming, Vice President and university committee member of CPC, Liu Xiansheng, Vice President and university committee member of CPC, Mr. Sun Junjian, Vice Pesident, and Han Shoufu, General Accountant together attended this session.

Announcement of multiple awardings was also made in this meeting. IEC was awarded Role-model School of Henan University, IEC staff Guo Jinyu was awarded Role-model Teaching Staff, 2014 class of Sino-US in Instrumentation & Control programme and 2014 class of Sino-Australia in International Finance programme were both awarded 2016 Role-model Class prizes, and Mr. Zhao Liang as well as other 6 students were all awarded 2016 HENU Role-model Student prizes.

IEC all the time highlights the development of spiritual excellence, and solidly fulfills the obligation by organizing multi-kind of relevant events and activities. Led by school committee of CPC, IEC consistently consolidate students’ political responsibilities, organises theoretical learning sessions and makes great progress at “Doing-1-learning-2” educational programme. Ambiance of harmonies has been improved by campus cultural events such as summer volunteering programme for rural areas. Significant progress can also be found in monthly events of volunteering, supporting impoverished and disabled people, the old and charitable events.

Taking this rewarding as a great opportunity, IEC will make continuous efforts in further obligation of improving school operational and spiritual excellence, seeking the goal of “Double-first” and Role-model University.

Translated by Han Zi

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