Outstanding Achievements for IEC Students in the English Culture Festival

2017-05-28 00:18:16

Kaifeng, June 2, 2017 - the English Culture Festivalin Henan University (HU) was based on English and aimed at breaking the exam-oriented English education model, enhancing the attractiveness of English learning and promoting English culture in the campus. As an important school-level competitive activity, the English Culture Festivalincluded the 2016 “National College English Competition”, the twelfth HU“English SpeakingContest”, the second HU“English Micro-class Contest” and the third HU“English Vocabulary Competition”.

Students in our college lived up to expectations and achieved impressive resultsin various competitions of the English Cultural Festival. Among them, 4 players - Wang Jiajia and Liu Yangdi, from class of 2014 and majored in Finance, Dong Ye, from class of 2014 and majored inInternational Economics and Trade, and Li Tong, from class of 2014 and majored in Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation - won the third prizein the “English Vocabulary Competition”. The group composed of five students - Zhou Mingchao, Li Hange, Hui Leping, Yao Xingyu and Yang Tianlun won the first prize in the “English Micro-class Contest” and Yang Jiaojiao was awarded the third prize In the English speech contest, students from our college, including Li Xin,Ding Rong, Zhao Qihui, Su Jingwen,Hu Yucong and Li Ningyi, stood out among all HU competitors. Especially inthe 2016 “National College English Competition”, our 69 players were among the top of the list in the Class-C non-professional competition, among which there were 3 nationalgrand prizesand 3 first prizes, settingour best results of this competition in recent years.

Adopting the mode of joint education between China and foreign countries, IEC has always attached great importance to English learning and is committed to cultivating international talents. The successive good news in the English Cultural Festival this year fully demonstrated the high English teaching level and the students excellent English literacy in IEC. It is believed that great results will be achieved in the future of all kinds of English events. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of our bilingual teachingresourcesand constantly improve and surpass themselves.

Written byXu Zhe,He Mengfan

Translated by Tian Xiang

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